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Dr. Haynes is Retiring!

March 25, 2024

To my patients,

As a very young boy hanging out in my grandfather’s medical clinic in Merkel, I dreamed of following his footsteps to become a physician. That dream came true and I have been overwhelmingly blessed to practice gastroenterology in Abilene for 40 years. It has been my privilege and pleasure to participate in your medical care, but the time has come for me to retire. My last day of practice will be April 30, 2024.

Be assured that my partner, Dr. Gary Roark and our nurse practitioners Angela Fanning and Shanna Gamble will continue to provide excellent care to you. And with great anticipation, Russell Roark, son of Dr. Roark will join the practice in the summer of 2025. As he completes his Advanced Gastroenterological Fellowship, he will bring a fresh approach and innovation to the practice.

Your medical records are secure and confidential. If you want to stay within our practice, no further action is required. However, if you would prefer to transfer care to someone outside of our practice, there is a form to complete in order to transfer your records to whomever you choose.

Thank you for trusting me with your medical care. My wife and I hope to use this time to travel and spend more time with our grandchildren.

Bill Haynes, MD